Powerhouse Productions has been serving the communications community since 1986. We specialise in television commercials, nature cinematography and corporate video production.


A brief history...

With over 800 credits as a Producer, Director and DOP, I've regularly worked in industry, documentary, fashion, zoological and commercial production.

During  the 1980's, I worked on more than twenty feature films as a PA and Assistant Director including two Pink Panther movies, Electric Dreams, Victor/Victoria and Sid & Nancy, plus worked for extended periods at Pinewood and Shepparton Studios in London, Sun Studios Valencia, Spain and La Victorine Studios in Nice, France.

After six years in the UK/Europe film industry working for Blake Edwards, MGM/UA. Handmade Films and others, it was time to return home with my wife Karen  where we set up Powerhouse Productions.

If you want someone creative and easy to work with, call us today.

Peter Corbett